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  Edgerton is a city located in northern Rock County in south central Wisconsin, and has just under 5,000 residents. Located 20 minutes from Janesville, 30 minutes from Beloit and 35 minutes from Madison, Edgerton enjoys a small-town atmosphere while still being close to big city life. Rockford is only an hour away, Milwaukee 1.75 hours, and Chicago 2.25 hours away.  
  Nestled in the rock-ribbed hills of Southern Wisconsin is our progressive and picturesque town. Over one hundred years ago, Indians were attracted to the area by the abundance of wildlife and berries, the nearby navigable waterways, fertile soil and temperate climate. By the 1840's, pioneers from the East had come into the area, including the William Bliven family, the first white settlers in what would become the city of Edgerton. The railroad came to the area in 1853 and in 1859 the city was named after the engineer of the railroad project, Benjamin Edgerton.

By the turn of the century, Edgerton was referred to as "The Tobacco Capital of the World," with tobacco barons coming to the area to buy and sell the commodity. Only a few of the original 52 tobacco warehouses, made of locally produced brick, still stand, but several of those which remain are being used for the storage of tobacco and for other local businesses. To this day, the Edgerton community celebrates annually Tobacco Heritage Days.